Handler (C&C Variant Rogue)

Handlers are kender rogues who are adept in the art of "borrowing." Things have a way of finding themselves in a kender’s pocket, whether someone else "must have dropped it," or "wasn’t using it any more." Kender have plenty of other excuses as well. The handler is a variant rogue,… Read More

Supernatural Items: Magic Eight Ball and Mood Ring

Supernatural Item: Magic Eight Ball The magic eight ball is a d20 specially imbued with the Visions power at pre-set power check 10. There are two variations of the magic eight ball. The first is traditionally a plastic container painted to resemble an eight ball into which the d20 is… Read More

Supernatural Power: Beast Shape

Beast Shape Fatiguing Prerequisite: At least as many character levels as the beast in question. You can reshape your body to assume the form of specific animal chosen when this power is taken. The form chosen can have a level no greater than your total level. This power may be… Read More

True20 Vapor Draconian Racial Levels

Vapor Draconian Initial Ability Adjustments: +1 Int Size: Medium Speed: 30 ft. Bonus Feats: Dedicated, Night Vision Darkvision: 60 ft. Favored Feats: Supernatural Focus, Supernatural Talent Age Categories: 7. Before a vapor draconian may take any levels in a heroic role it must obtain all 7 age categories. Level Lag:… Read More

True20 Medusa Racial Levels

Medusa Initial Ability adjustments: +1 Dex, +1 Int Size: Medium Speed: 30 ft. Bonus Feats: Light Armor Training, Heavy Armor Training, Weapon Training Darkvision: 60 ft. Natural Weapons: Petrifying Gaze, Poison Favored Feats: Fascinate, Sneak Attack Racial Levels: 6. Before a medusa can take any levels in a heroic role… Read More