Races of Ansalon (5e)

Races of Ansalon 5e Conversion

Have you wanted to play a Dragonlance specific race in 5e but are still waiting for official stats to be produced? Our Aesthetic, Aelfwyn, has been very busy, producing a massive 11 page rules conversion for each of the major (and many minor) races that can be found on Krynn! These races are converted from most of the included races within the 3.5 supplement produced by Margaret Weis Productions entitled Races of Ansalon.

Kender, Tinker Gnomes, Dark Dwarves, Centaurs, Irda, and the much demanded Ursoi, among many others can be found here! Create characters of races unique to Dragonlance for your 5e Dragonlance campaigns with these conversions today!!

Part 2, which will cover draconians as PC races, will be coming soon!!

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  1. Do you know when Aelfwyn will release the stats?

  2. Help me out. What stats are you looking for?

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