draconians, metallic (5e)

Created by dark magics to corrupt the eggs of good dragons, hatched for war, these soldiers of the Dragonarmies were shock troops capable of destroying their enemies even upon their own deaths. Now, they can be found as survivors of battles through the late Age of Despair into the Age of Mortals, creators of their own nation, and have even discovered that they can breed and repopulate naturally.


However you choose to use draconians in your games, here now are base stats for the original metallic draconians. From the simple Baaz draconians, who trap bladed weapons used to slay them, to the powerful sorcerer Auraks, whose death comes in stages of destruction.



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  1. Using the Kapaks from this document tonight, and man they are deadly… sure the CR2 is right? Heaps of fun though… the PCs wont be taking K’s lightly again especially a pack of them. That 4d6 sneak attack is bananas for a cr2!

    great document though, other than seeming slightly OP on the Kapak, I have been using it for a few months now for a play by post Dragonlance Facebook campaign and the draconians are a major highlight so far, two players are new to the setting too and they love the draconians. Lots of flavour!

  2. I used the tables from the DMG to calculate the CR. I think that the high damage output is balanced by their relatively low HP, and the fact that the sneak attack is a very situational thing that shouldn’t happen all the time. I will take another look at it, though just in case! Thanks for the awesome feedback!!

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