Silvanesti Drinks of Life

Ingredients 1 cup of orange juice 1 cup of apple juice 1 cup of pineapple juice 1 cup of blackcurrent juice 1/4 cup of sugar boiled in 1/2 cup of water with cinammon stick 1 large ripe banana 2 – 3 cups of soda water (water with gas) Directions Blend… Read More

Raistlin’s Tea

Ingredients 1/4 ounce dried lemon peel 1/2 ounce mullein 1/2 ounce angelica 1/4 ounce dried orange peel 1/2 ounce burdock 1/2 ounce coltsfoot Directions Mix all in a jar… sometimes you can mix with a tea bag … let steep for 10 minutes in boling water. Read More

Kitiara’s Frosty Gaze

Ingredients 1 measure of vodka 3 measures of lemonade 1/2 measure of citrus juice 1/4 measure of sugar salt to “frost” the glass edge Directions Pour the ingredients into flask with some chunks of ice. Shake well. Wet rim of crystal goblet, dip rim in salt. Pour drink into goblet,… Read More

Raistlin’s Herbal Mix

Ingredients 7 Cups Hot Water 1 Tea Bag 7 Pieces of parsley, more if you like it strong A Pinch of sugar, not too much Directions Now Raistlin a couple of times used some fruit in his. So it’s up to you what kind of fruit you like. Personally, pineapple… Read More