The Dragonlance Canticle Episode 4

This episode is a discussion on the recent announcement that Wizards of the Coast has chosen to not renew the Dragonlance RPG license with Margaret Weis Production. I know, I know, we mentioned in episode 3 that this would be about the Heroes of the Lance, but with this recent development we felt we needed to address that instead. We’ll come back to the Heroes in a later episode.

In this episode you’ll hear what this means for MWP and the fans. You’ll also here another part of Tal’s State of the Lance and Dragonalnce’s 5 year cycle. It put’s the recent events in perspective and shows that this is not the death knell for Dragonlance. We then move on and talk about we as fans can do to keep Dragonlance alive. This episode is focused on the gaming license but it’s chock full of history of Dragonlnace’s history as a product. Enjoy!

Long Live the Lance!


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    • Umari Solanthus on May 5, 2007 at 1:25 pm
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    When I heard the news that the license was not being renewed, I’ll admit that I wasn’t too concerned about it, mostly because I’m not a big player of D&D itself, though I have wanted to get into it.

    Yet the thought did occur, as it did with many fans, as to whether or not this would mean the end of publishing all Dragonlance books, and I’m sure it was a relief to all to have it cleared up in the podcast and on the forums, that this is just the end of gaming products, not the novels.

    By the way, congrats to the one who’s getting his name on a book (don’t know which one of you it is–I don’t remember whose voice is whose =^_^= )

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    • Knight of the WhiteRose on May 6, 2007 at 9:50 pm
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    I just finished listening to the podcast of canticle episode 4, i would like to say you all did an amazing job. this is the first time i’v listend to a podcast anywhere.

    the three of you sounded very professional, and it was alot of fun listening to you guys joke around and hear how you felt about the issues. i will be listening to the other podcast’s now.

    i Agree, that DragonLance is NOT Dead. We are simply at 0 HP. we are unconcious, not dead. I will do my very best to support the Nexus for Years to Come, i will submit my works to the nexus, my understanding of the rules is all that needs work, my ideas are finished.

    my Only Regret is that i have not been fan for that long. no one ever told me about Krynn when i was younger. If i had known then, I would have been here sooner to show my support.

    I would also like to say i think this podcast should be heard an responded to by each member of the forums, it would do good for everyone to “Hear” what you have to say in Your words. I think it would bring the community closer, and allow us to interact with eachother more often.

    The Nexus is a great place to come and share ideas and just have a discussion about DragonLance, or whatever other interests we have. At this point, i believe the Loss of the Nexus would hurt more than the Loss of the Licence. but that might just be me.

    thank you for providing us Fans with Podcast’s, they are a great addition to the gaming community, i hope to enjoy many more!

    Long Live the Lance.

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