The Dragonlance Canticle Episode 6

At last, the promised episode about the Heroes of the Lance…well sort of.

As we began the disscusion of – if we could move beyond the HotL, they really became more of a springboard for us to say how we could move forward. Take a listen.

We open the show with a couple announcements about Leaves III and my left ear. The first half is about the HotL the second half is how we feel it should be done. Yes, we are chock-full of opinions on this.

What do you folks think? Can or will we ever move on? If so, how do you see it happening? Let us know either by leaving a comment or joining us for discussion on the Dragonlance forums.

Oh, and by the way, there must have been something in the water that night, because I make a couple of really bad joke. My apologies…well, not really. Enjoy!


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    • Umari Solanthus on June 16, 2007 at 10:17 am
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    I do not believe that fans will forever move on from the Heroes of the Lance, specifically because, as Kendermage said, there are new fans coming into Dragonlance all the time, and the majority of those new fans begin with books like the Chronicles and Legends where these characters are introduced, and since these are the first ‘heroes’ that they have met, these are the ones they most likely will get attached to.

    Speaking as one who is still, in essence, new to Dragonlance, I can relate more to those who long to have the Companions continue to linger and have stories based around them. I personally did all I could to remain in the War of the Lance era for as long as I could, reading the preludes and sextets and short stories just so I can continue to learn about them.

    And yet, the majority of the–and I use the term loosely regarding how long one has been in a fandom rather than age–older fans of Dragonlance want to be able to let the Companions, and even their families to some extent, go to rest and be able to move on without having constant references to ‘that mage Raistlin Majere’ or ‘the honourable knight Sturm Brightblade’. My friend in particular is sick to death of reading books and having Raistlin or Goldmoon referred to when they have nothing to do with the story.

    So is it really possible for Dragonlance to really move on from the Companions? I think that if we did cut the Companions out and really bring that era to a complete close, it would be like what Palin discovered in Fallen Sun–that the entire history prior to the Chaos War had vanished, like it never existed. Yes, the constant references are annoying, but they’re a part of our history, too.

    I remember someone asked in a thread was, is it possible to have memorable heroes like the Companions, but AREN’T the Companions? I think this would be more achievable if we developed characters and used them enough for them to become memorable to the reader. I feel that most heroes we see in books appear only in the book in which we read them, and we rarely see them again in with a prominent role. I believe that we would be able to move on from the Companions if we created strong characters who have the same or similar amount of stories to them.

    But, back to the Heroes… yes, people in general will prefer the Heroes of the Lance. They’re iconic and will always be remembered by the fans, but I think people would also love a new set of heroes who are just as memorable.

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    • Knight of the WhiteRose on June 17, 2007 at 11:21 pm
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    when it comes to the HoTL, i think that as long as we have current age novels and alternative reading to the war of the lance, there is no harm in future wotL books. i like the differant stories about the heroes, and there is still much time in each of their lives unaccounted for that could lead to novels if the story is good enough. but at the same time i want More novels on other ages and current age of mortals to read, or i would get bored of the heroes after awhile. similar to the heroes of the hall, Drizzt gets boring after 7+ books of the same old thing. So more novels, with or without the old heroes? they already died, i’v moved on. if they make more, i will buy them, if they dont, i wont.

    i agree we need more “Stand Out Characters” like Raistlin, Fizban, Tas, and Bupu, not the same, but characters we can come to really enjoy reading about. i

    i would like to see more united heroes working together for a common goal, like the companions, like the doom brigade. i want to see more exotic villains and truely heroic heroes. we need a DragonSlayer, we need some seriously sick and twisted badguys and some hardcore goodguys. when we read about our heroes using abilities or defeating foes, it should bring on the WOW! factor, like in Legends, and Chronicals and War of the Souls. give them some great equipment and let them get to the high levels for once! we need some new Super Powers! in order to get people past War of the Lance, they must get Past Raistlin! they need new characters that Dwarf Raistlins power. we need Awesome Events that do not have lasting global effects requiring everything to change! DragonLance has the ability to be whatever it wants. so far it wants to sit idle for thousands of years doing nothing, the gods have already played the game, now they are just watching what has happened. thats how it sounds to me anyways.

    the age of mortals should end in harmony, and a new age should begin. one that the events of Dark Disciple and the Following Trilogy should be based on.
    a new god, and who knows what else.

    Instead of a Leap Into the Future, i would like to read about the progression of Engineering and technology, how the nations and cultures develop into the future. Reorx and the Gods of Magic and Shinare with some others would be able to help with electricity, more modern transportation and alot of other things.

    DragonLance is great because it has so many differant ages one can read about and play in with limitless detail that can be worked out, i see nothing wrong with getting dragonlance to the space exploration era since we have the first ages of krynn why not have its later ages. maybe when my child is grown, her child can read about the DragonLance Star Wars or the Magical Monks who could fly around the skies fighting each other with world shaking power, or the Kender Starship Captain whos crew completely hates him! ahh dreams.

    i disagree 100% on this part. the Dark Knights Should never be removed, they just need a tune up, they need to get intouch with their evilness, and start inspiring some fear instead of being looked at as a mirror image of the solamnic barons conspiring against each other and become weaker as a whole.
    all i can say is the dark knights are sloppy and need a Jaymes Markham to come in and blow everything up and start over again! LOL!

    i enjoyed the show alot, keep up the great work. i dont think dragonlance has hit a point where we need it to stop for a period of time, we need new novels with new story that can be built apon for years to come. Dragonlance needs to continue in order for the things that need to get worked out, can.

    we need someone new to come into the spot light and give us readers a new saga of dragonlance to become enthralled in. all the while the old authors are out re introducing themselves to the setting in full, reading every novel and gamebook. learning all there is to know, so when they come back their books will be the best of their careers, and dragonlance will florish and we can move past the common merchant in a wagon drawn by a horse, wizard in his tower made from magic stone while the warrior sharpens his sword. something new.

    anyways great show. sorry for the length! haha!

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    • Aelfwyn on July 2, 2007 at 1:03 pm
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    Great show, guys!! It makes me wish I could get in on it in person.

    The discussion of a 1000 year time jump got my imagination running and, while I think it has the potential of a great “new beginning” for DL, perhaps we don’t need it. Why not finish the history books concerning the aftermath of the WoS and just leave it alone for a while. Bring in an assortment of authors who will explore new and different things in the world. No need for the whole “the face of Krynn will never be the same!!” motif that seems to come up every every new core novel.

    That being said (it may be that this was a purposeful ommition on your part, not sure), take a lesson from what Ed Greenwood did in FR. He set it up, put a few key power players in various places, thereby raising the power ceiling for future heroes, and we have cool guys spring up like Drizzt and others. Localized stories with more local impact. Mr. Knaak’s Kaz is one example. A richly developed multi-layered heroe the reader actually cares about. How about a group of Heroes based and invested in Estwilde?

    Ask yourself: What is the purpose of a core novel? To keep people engaged, right? To keep the story moving. One of the key criticisms of DL is that it is not as gamer friendly as some other settings. Lets get away from the “core novel” mindset. What I mean by that is, let an assortment of authors come in and expand the borders a bit. The great thing about fantasy is that there are no limits. No disrespect to Ms. Weiss and Mr. Hickman, (they are truly talented and amazing writers) but it seems that some writers have been pidgeon-holed into their vision. And by extension so have the gamers and readers. Again, no disrespect by any means. The Chronicles and Legends opened my mind to reading in general and fantasy in particular. But this is the natural consequence to themes where failure of the protagonist will lead to earth shattering (literaly) consequences.

    My advice: Set up the Fifth Age and then leave it alone. Let individual writers form their own story franchises within the setting. When interest starts to flag because nothing new is being produced, then have your 3rd cataclysm.

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    • Luke on August 23, 2007 at 2:55 pm
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    I loved the joke about Tanis the Shaving years 😀 Good Job Bill!

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