The Dragonlance Canticle Episode 8 – GenCon 2007 Part 1

In this episode the three of us, Tal, Dragonhelm, and Valharic talk about our GenCon experience. Originally this part of the show was suppose to be one third of the whole show, but we talked so much, our hour was up. So next week well have GenCon Part 2. Links below to things we talk about.

Valharic talked about:
GenCon 2007
Chris Pierson
Larry Elmore
Legends Map Pouch – Get it! It a work of art!!
Geeklabel party at the Hard Rock
Gaming with Jason Mardsen – So much fun. One of my best GenCon experiences ever!!

Talinthas talks about:
Tal and Weldon played in the Dwarven Depthes game. He played Tanis-half jerk face
Dragonlance Shirts – How do we get one??!!!
Tal heads over to the artists corral
Jason Engle
DL Trailer – So cool!! More to come later
Tal is jealous he didn’t get to play
Tal gets the Black Robed Raistlin miniature
More Art!! The Young Adult Dragonlance novels artists (Sorry con’t find a link)
Wayne Reynolds (WAR!)
Tal comes out of the closet about Raistlin
Drizzt Who?
The the legendary game of Talinlance – Purple and lavender dragonspawn. We don’t discriminate. 🙂

The Immortals by Tracy Hickman

Steve “Stan” Brown
Jason Engle sketchs some cool stuff for Tal
Nina Hess at Mirrorstone
Roger E. MooreA Stones Throw Awaythe first published Dragonlance story.
Dragons of Krynn
Best GenCon Evahr!!

Trampas talks about:
Started in St. Louis -Eastward Ho Dragonhelm!
Godzilla-lance – Let us never speak of Godzilla-Lance again
Pathfinder at Paizo – Goblins and Kobolds oh my!
GenCon is all about getting the swag!!
Which is the better book War of the Lance SB or Races of Ansalon?

Alright, it was Articblast I met on the forums!! Sorry I drew a blank when recording.

The Dragonlance Nexus won the ENnie for BEST FAN SITE!!!!
A lot of thanks you’s to a lot of poeple. 🙂

Fear the Boot
Have Games, Will Travel-Won best podcast
Yog Radio – Got the silver
Next year, hopefully the Canticle!

Killer Breakfast all-star cast.
Jason Mardsen – Yes he could play Tas in a live action movie but not a T-Rex.
Ed Greenwood – He is Elminster!
Gary Gygax
Tal plays LG characters because he likes to play fantasy – hehe.

Holy Cow! Our hour is up! Check back next week for Part 2 where we talk about D&D 4E and the Dagonlance Movie trailer premiere.


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    • Luke on August 28, 2007 at 12:34 pm
    • Reply

    Just a little spelling mistake: Which is the better book War of the Lance SB or Races of Ansoalon? (Ansoalon…) I loved this episode!

    • Avatar
    • Knight of the WhiteRose on August 29, 2007 at 6:25 am
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    Wow,Really great job guys, i laughed the entire time. by far the funniest and funest episode so far. Just like to say Congrats to all of you who got unique artwork done! Thats a high honor, You are the only one with That Picture!
    i only wish you would POST them on the Nexus! the Original Artwork and the Ennie Awards! 🙂 It would be a real treat to the fans who could not attend the con to beable to see them!

    Again i offer my Congradulations to the DragonLance Nexus for Winning the Ennie for Best FanSite! It does not suprise me though, I’v Always known the Nexus was the Best! Also a special Thank You to Trampas for all the hardwork. you do us an honor sir! The entire Staff of the Nexus deserves a great Hand but Trampas is the Soul of the Nexus and a really nice guy too!

    I certainly hope All of you who had the privlage of attending the Killer Breakfast with Gary Gygax got his Autograph! Hes a legend! Same said of Ed Green!

    Anyways i really loved the show and look forward to part 2!

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    • Valharic on August 29, 2007 at 5:32 pm
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    “Luke Says:

    August 28th, 2007 at 12:34 pm e

    Just a little spelling mistake: Which is the better book War of the Lance SB or Races of Ansoalon? (Ansoalon…) I loved this episode!”

    Yep, Im a bd keeybored -ist kerrected. 😉

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