Dragonlance Canticle #86 – Towers of High Sorcery (Part 2)

Welcome friends and fellow companions! After a rough intro, the usual suspects open the episode with a discussion about the recent Drivethrurpg Bounty, and tackle the contentious issue of loaded dice at the table. After that, their attention is turned to Hector’s letter and ensuring that the rest of the sorcery/wizardry questions are addressed with usual Canticle efficiency.

Weldon (Sage of Solace that he is) also provides a wealth of reading sources throughout the show. For those of you without a notebook handy, he suggests:

The King Priest trilogy
Legend of Huma
Defenders of Magic trilogy
Price of Courage (gaming supplement)
Soulforge (both the Choose Your Own Adventure, and the novel)
Brothers in Arms
Renegade Wizards
Towers of High Sorcery (3.5 game supplement)

Hosts: Chuck, Ed, Tristan, Weldon, and John.

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