Dragonlance Canticle #69 – The Horror! The Horror!

In this episode, our spirit guides take us on a tour of horror in gaming and how to evoke this most delicate of genres in your game.  They also prove that there is more to Dragonlance horror than bored Kender, and then dissect our first live play.There should be something to whet the appetites of anyone seeking to add a dash of horror to their game in time for Halloween (and beyond).

The links mentioned in the show are:

The Book of Unremitting Horror (Pelgrane Press)
(Reader discretion is advised)

Notable kickstarter projects:

Bones 2

Dragon Kings (not to be confused with the Dark Sun supplement)

Ghosts: Trampas, Chuck, Tristan, Weldon, & Connie.


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    • Bluehorse on November 9, 2013 at 1:20 pm
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    Great episode as always. Good to hear Tristan again! There was a good set of stories tonight especially the boy scouts & the crows. Both of which made me laugh (at the appropriate times of course!) It’s amazing how you can project ‘creepiness’ so well one moment then bring it back to humor. Well done!

  1. Horror. Not my cup of tea in any medium. Nevertheless, it was a good show.

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