Dragonlance Canticle #67 – New Age Novels

(running time: [01:32:13])

In this episode, the round table discusses the novels published after March 2000, with a special emphasis on the War of Souls. The major points covered include the strength of character and plot development, the role of serialised fiction in Dragonlance, and whether ultimately the classic era gave fans a better novel experience.

Also covered are [00:01:50] The hosts discuss the latest movies such as World War Z, Iron Man 3, RIPD, and The Lone Ranger, [00:08:20] Firefly RPG, [00:10:32] Novels discussion, [00:47:37] Weldon joins the conversation, [01:00:18] Serial fiction for Dragonlance.

Hosts: Trampas, Chuck, Weldon, and Adrian

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  1. I could not relate to much of the content of this episode unfortunately but I believe that it was because I lost interest in the Dragonlance world shortly after reading the first book of the Elven Nations trilogy, Firstborn. While certainly not the worst novel I have ever read (Bones of the Dragon holds that dubious honor), it certainly was horrible enough to turn my attentions elsewhere in the fantasy literature market.

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