Dragonlance Canticle #45 – Sacrifice in Dragonlance

This month, Tristan, Chuck, Trampas, Weldon, and Cam talk about the concept of sacrifice in Dragonlance, and how it applies to different charaters, themes, gods, and races. Feedback, questions, and discussion topics are thoroughly appreciated and can be sent to podcast@DLnexus.com. We respond to every emailer.

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    • Bart on December 28, 2011 at 2:02 pm
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    Dear reader,

    I have some questions about the Hall of Sacrilege. I hope you can help me with this.
    1) Is there a list or a description (appearance, powers, ect.) of the relics and magical items stored in the Hall of Sacrilege. Unfortunately I have only read the Amber and Iron novel, and not Amber and Blood. Perhaps in Amber and Blood novel there is some mention about this items.
    2) When Takhisis stole the world, why couldn’t she use the powers of the magic items in the Hall of Sacrilege? Is there some reason or logic why she couldn’t?
    3) Are there existing gateways on Krynn that makes time travel possible without the time travel device?

    Where do these questions actually come from … I ‘m a DM of a Dragonlance RPG. And my players will travel back to Istar, to the Hall of Sacrilege to find a magic item (that otherwise would fall into the hands of a mad Archmage).
    In the party is a Cleric or Gilean present. And the player of this character always askes many questions and as a DM I try to answer all questions as correctly as possible. But I don’t know everything unfortunately :p

    Already thanks for your help and answers.

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