Dec 20

Dragonlance Canticle #90: Don’t accept a lesser evil! (Legendary Villains Round 1)

Who knows the evil that lurks in men’s souls? Trampas, Chuck, Tim, and Ed, of course. After a discussion of the 1990s, Pepsi Clear, Ghostbusters, and raging hairstyles, the quartet initiate the first three potential villains into the first circle of darkness.

Who will win in this epic smackdown as we prove that evil only turns up itself?

Hosts: Trampas, Chuck, Tim, and Ed.

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  1. JoeSolarte

    In LEGEND OF HUMA near the end when Galan Dracos is bragging about his plans, he makes a comment about how he is from some small province in Istar and how he, the most powerful wizard ever coming from a farm community I thought that good. As Raistlin would come from solace

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