Divine Domains

Here is my attempt to give the new domains to Dragonlance deities. Following the example in Divine Power I gave only two domains to the evil deities (well, because of that and because I had a hard time adding a third domain to some of the evil deities). Paladine –… Read More

Good Journey Gary…

Gary Gygax, the father of Dungeons & Dragons past away today. My heart goes out to his family and friends and wish him the best. As a fan of the Greyhawk setting and to put it in gaming terms, the land of Oerth is a little sadder today, I know… Read More

Dragonlance Movie Trailer

The rough cut Dragonlance: Dragons of Autumn Twilight that premieried at Comic Con and subsequently shown at Gen Con and Dragon Con has been posted at the official Dragonlance movie site. it was also accomapanied by a statement by Paramount Pictures on the status of the final trailer. Below is… Read More

Elven Prayer Hymn

This was posted at the official movie site for the Dragonlance movie today, thought I’d share. This is an elven prayer hymn that Tracy Hickman wrote and Carl Preusser set to music. It’s as beautiful as I remember it was at Gen Con. Enjoy. 🙂 Read More

Gen Con Bound!

Gen Con begins this week (I’m officially on vacation on Tuesday, WooHoo!) and we plan on doing short little 10-15 minute podcasts to talk about each day, Thursday-Sunday. So check back daily starting late Thursday night and we’ll have something for ya to listen to. 🙂 Read More

WotC Dragonlance Announcement

Wizards of the Coast has extended its existing licensing agreement with Margaret Weis Productions. Under the agreement, Margaret Weis Productions will continue to publish Dragonlance roleplaying game content until the end of January 2008. Wizards continues to publish novels set in the Dragonlance world, including the Lost Chronicles series by… Read More

A Tribute to Joe Murphy

As said before, we lost Joe Murphy yesterday and as part of the Farpoint Media podcasting family we present to you a tribute to Joe Murphy. Along with this I give you what will be a classic and truly honest look at the humor that was Joe, hanging out with… Read More