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Solace with the Inn of the Last Home by Cyan.
Nickname: Unknown
Settlement Type: Town
Country: Abanasinia
Province: None
Leader: Palin Majere
Population: Human
Year Founded: Unknown

In the central heart of Abanasinia, bordered on one side by the lovely Crystalmir Lake, lies the hamlet of Solace. A crossroads between the Lordcity of Haven and the elven realm of Qualinesti, it receives a healthy number of travelers and visitors through it. Famous for being the home of the Heroes of the Lance, Solace has long been ruled by an elected mayor and town council. It is defended by a town watch who are led by a high sheriff.

During the War of the Lance, it was initially under the heel of Hederick the High Theocrat, a high-ranking Seeker priest, and later it was taken over by the Red Dragonarmy. After the War of the Lance, peace again resumed in Solace. A few structures in Solace lie upon the ground, however almost all of the buildings are erected up in the mighty vallenwood trees.

A couple of well known structures lie in Solace, such as the Inn of the Last Home and the Tomb of the Last Heroes. The ruins of the Academy of Sorcery can also be found on the outskirts of Solace. The village is led by the Mayor of Solace and protected by the Sheriff of Solace.

Buildings of Solace

Roads and Streets of Solace


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