Rainward Isles

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Rainward Isles
Capital None
Largest City Thumar
Founded 1 AC
Languages Aurish Language
Government Monarchy
Ruler Rainward Kings
Trade Goods Unknown

The Rainward Isles are a set of islands located in the northeastern reaches of Taladas, beyond the Storm Sea and north of The Black Forests. The isles once formed part of the mainland of Taladas, and were the easternmost part of the Aurim Empire. However during the Great Destruction, the land was sundered and the islands were created and pushed out eastwards, beyond the Storm Sea. The isles were long thought lost by those on the mainland, until the various kingdoms of the Rainward Isles came to prominence around 200 AC.

The isles are inhabited by humans and dwarves primarily, but there are also centaurs and kender. Animal and plant life is lush throughout the region, even if the land itself is gray and covered by dense fog most of the time. In the realm are also a number of dragons, which prefer the seclusion of the region, as well as large grizzly bears and giant wolves. The largest threat to the Rainwarders is the disir, who live underground and strike randomly at various parts of the isles at will.

When the original refugees of the Aurim Empire found themselves stranded upon the isles, they initially fought hotly against one another to make their stakes on various parts of the realm. They fought equally with the Fianawar Dwarves and the Marak kender who were also stuck on the islands. After a series of minor wars however (known as the Wars of the Isles, the folk of the isles realised that they needed to unite to survive in this new realm, and divided up the isles into nine primary kingdoms.

In 425 AC, the isles were devastated by the forces of Maladar an-Desh, which resulted in the destruction of the kingdom of Suluk. Most of the refugees of Suluk fled northwards to Thumar for shelter.




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