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Welcome to the Dragonlance Lexicon! The mission of the Lexicon project is simple: to serve as the comprehensive encyclopedia of Dragonlance knowledge. Initial articles have been researched and written by a dedicated team of volunteers who have spent months combing through hundreds of published sources. The Dragonlance Lexicon project is overseen by Kranar Drogin and features articles written by many other contributors.

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Ragh (ca. ? AC -? AC) is a sivak Draconian who was one of the traveling companions of Dhamon Grimwulf following his departure from the Heroes of the Heart. Ragh was over ten feet tall with broad shoulders and covered in the normal silver scales of a sivak. The draconian had jet black eyes and stubby horns along the sides of it's head. One of the horns had been split whilst Ragh was enslaved by the dragonspawn in Polagnar. The draconian's wings had been amputated, leaving two great scars on his back, and his claws had been removed as well, leaving blunt human-like fingers remaining. His claws reformed and became metal after he dipped them in a pool of quicksilver in the Kharolis Mountains. (Read more...)

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Huma Dragonbane (? – 1018 PC), born Huma of Eldor, was born the son of Durac, a Knight of Solamnia, and Karina. He had one other known relative named Rennard who was his father's brother. Huma never knew his father, because Durac was killed one year after becoming a full Knight, while protecting a pass from Hylo that would have flanked the Knights. Lord Oswal of Baxtrey took Huma under his wing, and told Huma he had always viewed him as a son.(Read more...)

Did you know...

  • ...that a female draconian lays 2 to 4 eggs? 
  • ...that the Night Chamber was a secret penthouse where trials were held for the worst elven criminals? 

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Aurak Draconian.jpg
A photo of an Aurak Draconian.
Photo credit: Niki-UK

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