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Welcome to the Dragonlance Lexicon! The mission of the Lexicon project is simple: to serve as the comprehensive encyclopedia of Dragonlance knowledge. Initial articles have been researched and written by a dedicated team of volunteers who have spent months combing through hundreds of published sources. The Dragonlance Lexicon project is overseen by Kranar Drogin and features articles written by many other contributors.

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Soulsplitter was an axe made of extremely rare metal called Star Metal. The axe was able to cut through armor as if it wasn't even there, could cleave through a huge stone in a single blow, and wasn't affected by the deaths of the Skorenoi. Soulsplitter was simply made, had a black iron haft four feet in length, wrapped in leather, gave off a slight warm feeling, and capped with a massive, double-bladed axe head that shone with golden in light. No scratches, dents, or dust even marred this after being in a pit for 2,000 years. (Read more...)

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Ariakan Ariakas (334 AC - 383 AC) was a peerless swordsman who was the son of Duulket Ariakas and the goddess Zeboim. In the Age of Despair he founded the Knights of Takhisis and conquered far more of Ansalon with his dark knighthood, than his father had with the mighty Dragonarmies during the War of the Lance. A brilliant commander and strategist, Ariakan was described as being particularly handsome in his youth, and during the Summer of Chaos, he was described as being tall of stature and having tanned skin, as well as being muscular and hearty... (Read more...)

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  • ...that a female draconian lays 2 to 4 eggs? 
  • ...that the Night Chamber was a secret penthouse where trials were held for the worst elven criminals? 

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Raistlin Majere.jpg
A photo of Raistlin Majere while wearing the Red Robes.
Photo credit: Nick Barfuss

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[This Just In...] Krynn Wins! Thanks to everyone who voted in the poll. This is a clear message to Wizards of the Coast that Dragonlance should be given more focus. Hopefully we will be seeing more DL from them in the future.


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