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New Sea, or sometimes written as Newsea, is a shallow body of water in central Ansalon. It begins in the west at the Straits of Algoni, proceeds east to what is commonly referred to as "New Sea Proper" after Port O' Call. It goes south to the Plains of Dust, and east as far as Sanction and Taman Busuk. Several bays are located in it including New Bay, Great Bay, Crusher's Bay, and Haligoth Bay. Several rivers run into the sea including White-Rage River, Torath River, Lockspring, Blue Rage River, Ogre River, and the Stonecrusher River. There is only one island in the body of water, and that is Schallsea.


History of New Sea

When the Kingpriest of Istar made his demand of the gods, their response was the hurl the fiery mountain upon Ansalon. Lands raised, while others sank into the ground. The plain lands of central Ansalon were some of those that sank, and in their place the Sirrion Ocean rushed to fill the void. This rush of water killed thousands of people who had no place to go.

When people were finally able to collect themselves, they simply named the new body of water "New Sea" for its vastness. One thing the people found was that the ocean had a lot to offer the people of central Ansalon. Not only for trade, but it was rich in fishing.

After the Chaos War, many Dragon Turtles migrated from Ansalon's eastern oceans to the New Sea. This migration was caused by the creatures of Chaos. During the Age of Mortals, and the time of the Dragon Overlords, parts of the eastern side of New Sea became part of New Swamp. Since the demise of Sable, this swamp has begun to retreat from the sea.


A listing of the different cities, castles, and villages located along the New Sea.



A listing of the different places that are now located under the water.


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