Long Ridge

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Nickname: Unknown
Settlement Type: Town
Country: Abanasinia
Province: None
Leader: Unknown
Population: Human
Year Founded: Unknown

Just southwest of the Abanasinia Plains, in the northern foothills of the Kharolis Mountains, lies the small town of Long Ridge. The town's population is comprised of a mix of plainsmen and human settlers. During the War of the Lance, it was invaded by the Dragonarmies and taken over, however it was later freed. After many years of small skirmishes and fights, peace and strong treaties now lies between the folks of the plains, and the people of Long Ridge.

The town is ruled by a mayor who is elected during the harvest festival. Any prospective mayor must enter the festival and go through a series of mental and physical tests, to show themselves as the wisest and strongest candidate. The townspeople declare the winner during the festival, and the mayor governs the town for a full year until the next harvest festival comes around.

Buildings of Long Ridge


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