Hall of Sleeping Spirits

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The Hall of Sleeping Spirits can be found in the mountains north of the village of Qué-Shu. The hall is a cavern with stone doors that seal it so that it only opens once ever ten years by the light Lunitari. Once sunlight hits the doors they will close. The path leading to the cavern has a large stone arch that has a symbol of Mishakal on it. Inside the cavern there is another way out through an underground stream that leads outside by a waterfall.

Pre Cataclysm

The hall was a Temple of Mishakal.

Age of Despair

After the Cataclysm, the Qué-Shu lost faith in the gods and believed that their ancestors themselves became gods. The Hall of Sleeping Spirits (likely named in this era) became a place where the priestesses and chieftains of the Qué-Shu were entombed. The cavern is also the place where a new high priestess would go to perform a ceremony to dedicate herself to her people and get the sacred sand.

After 349 AC, Hollow-Sky’s spirit sometimes lingers near here searching for people to torment.

It is unknown if the Qué-Shu continued to place their royal dead there after their beliefs changed with the return of the gods.


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