Gateway (Abanasinia)

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Nickname: Unknown
Settlement Type: Town
Country: Abanasinia
Province: None
Leader: Unknown
Population: Human
Year Founded: Unknown

The small community of Gateway was founded in Abanasinia during the first years of the Age of Despair, at roughly the same time as the fledgling hamlet of Solace. The town is a more of a crossroads than anything else, lying east of Solace, at the base of the Sentinel Peaks at the base of Gateway Pass. It is also located along the White-Rage River. Similar in many respects to Solace itself, the major difference is that all of the town shops are situated on the ground rather than in the trees. Gateway is governed by an elected mayor.

During the War of the Lance, Gateway was one of the bases for the Seeker religion and was ruled by a High Theocrat, however it has long since returned to the original democratic system. During the same war, the city was sacked by the Red Dragonarmy. This once thriving market town was reduced to ruins, and was later liberated.


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