Eld Manor

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Eld Manor
Nickname: Sanguine Manor
Settlement Type: Structure
Country: Abanasinia
Province: None
Leader: Kryl Shadestalker
Population: Vampires


Year Founded: Unknown

Directly north of Haven, West of Northfields, Northwest of Solace and Crystalmir Lake lie the ruins of Eld Manor, a once-great manor home built in the Kharolis Mountains. It sits up on a hill, rundown and uninviting to travelers. The structure consist of two floors, a tower and a cellar. The first floor grants access to the cellar and tower, plus holds the salon and den. Second floor has two guest chambers and is where the main suite is located.

Past Inhabitants

The manor was originally called Sanguine Manor, and was the home of Lord Thenil Eld and Lady Karyn Eld. Karyn went mad after losing their only son to the Red Death and killed her husband, and then died herself shortly after. In time the two were wandering the manor in their ghostly forms amongst this remote place.

Current Inhabitants

Some point after the vampire, Lord Kryl Shadestalker took up residence and made the manor his tomb. His coffin might be found in the crypt that lays next to the cellar. Since Kryl has claimed the manor, it is now home to various creatures, however vestiges of the formerly grand building still remain, as do the Undead horrors which lie in wait for foolish travellers to enter.


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