Cursed Lands of Newsea

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The Cursed Lands of Newsea lies between the Eastwall Mountains and ends in a 1,000ft cliff into the Newsea to the east. The canopy of the Ironclaw forest covers the land and keeps it in darkness. A smell of metallic sourness fills the air of this jungle from the green algae covered waters that engulf the swampland. Ferns and vines cover the many soggy islands that sit in the still waters, along with the hazards of deathmirk

Located on the far east side of Abanasinia, this area is known for the location of Xak Tsaroth and Tower of Truth. It is here where the Heroes of the Lance came across the draconians that worshiped the fake wicker dragon. Before entering the great ruins of Xak Tsaroth lies a great Obelisk.


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