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Common, also called Common Speech or Common Tongue, is the language spoken and written by almost all of the civilized races on Ansalon. Even those that are uncivilized have a crude form of the language, usually called Camptalk. The language became widespread throughout the Age of Might through merchants of the Empire of Istar and Solamnia, and through the control of the Holy Empire of Istar. Most scholars did not take this "traders language" very seriously, so did not document in this language. Follow in the Cataclysm and during the Age of Despair it was solidified as a language that all people could speak and write to each other. It is now the accepted standard language. Its alphabet is based off the Ergot Language.

One thing to note. If someone from the Age of Despair were to travel back in time, the Common language during that time was spoken differently in some words than the Common of the present Age.


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