Bupu Bulp

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Bupu Bulp
Bupu Bulp.jpg
Bupu Bulp by Travis Eck.
Alias None
Birth ? AC
Death ? AC
Race Dwarf
Gender Female
Nationality Aghar Dwarf
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Class Cleric
Occupation Clan Shaman
Spouse Phudge Bulp I
Children Unknown
Parents Unknown
Siblings Unknown

Bupu Bulp (? AC - ? AC) was of the Aghar Dwarf Clan Bulp in the ruins of Xak Tsaroth. Bupu was a small dwarf that had black eyes, thick bulbous nose, a wizened face with a cunning expression, and scraggly hair set in a bun. She was known to carry a dead rat, have a dead lizard hanging from a rope around her neck, and dress in cast-off clothing from humans. She was a well-respected shaman among her people and a legend for being able to count past two and come up with the term 'a whole bunch'.

War of the Lance

During the War of the Lance, the Heroes of the Lance made their way down into the ruins to try and stop the dragon Onyx. They came upon Bupu while down there and Raistlin Majere set a charm spell upon the Aghar. She fell in love with the human and helped the group find a way to confront the Black Dragon and steal the Disks of Mishakal. Following the death of the dragon, she was happy to see the draconians driven from their world.

Post War of the Lance

Shortly after the War, Bupu married Phudge Bulp I, the Highbulp of the clans in Xak Tsaroth. It is unknown if they had any children together. One other significant thing was she took a journey with Crysania in 356 AC, to try and help bring Raistlin back to the Light. They ran into Lord Loren Soth though and even though he terrified Bupu, she stayed with Caramon and Crysania. A Red Robe, Justarius, sent her home after she spoke to the Conclave of Wizards.


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