Academy of Sorcery

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The grand Academy of Sorcery overlooked the town of Solace. Constructed by Palin Majere and his students in 412 AC, the building was destined to become the learning center for sorcery on Ansalon. The academy held eleven Towers of the Arts, which encircled the grand central Tower of the World. The academy's students lived within the Tower of the World, whilst the Towers of the Arts each taught a singular discipline of sorcery to its students.

The Academy of Sorcery was accidentally destroyed in 420 AC by Ulin Majere. Ulin used thunder powder to drive away the minions of the dragon overlord Beryl when they attacked the academy. He had placed two of his thunder power barrels near load bearing columns, and when Izztmel cast a lightning spell on the door it ignited the barrels, and the subsequent explosion destroyed the academy. The Academy of Sorcery remains a blackened ruin on the outskirts of Solace.


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