War of the Darklance: Origins


War of the Darklance is an alternate timeline in Legends of the Twins by Margaret Weis Productions. It details an alternate timeline where the Knights of Takhisis attempt to conquer Ansalon, save that this time, Takhisis helped to banish Chaos. This was never mentioned in any novel. So where did… Read More

Dragonlance Anime, Anyone?


As the above graphic would suggest, I feel the American version of a DL movie is a bad idea, for many, many reasons. Most of them surround the concepts of art and handling of the story (yeah, the two most important things.) Here, then, are my reasons: 1) The art.… Read More

Sorcerers in a DL Reboot

I want to say up front that I think the Fifth Age design team did a marvelous job dealing with magic considering the constraints they were under. Likewise, the 3.5 design team worked within their own constraints, and did an excellent job of using the D&D sorcerer as the Fifth… Read More