Design-A-Villain Contest

Ever wanted to have a custom forum title, but didn’t know how to get one? Well here’s your chance. The Nexus is pleased to announce the Design-A-Villain Contest. The Dark Knights were good for their time. Chaos is a one hit wonder. Takhisis is dead. The Dragon Overlords are gone.… Read More

Basil Kendermage

Male Afflicted Kender Red Robed Moon Disciple (Expert 4/Adept 8 ) Strength -1 Fortitude +3 Armor Class NA Dexterity +4 Reflex +7 Flat-footed AC NA Constitution +0 Will +9 Touch AC NA Intelligence +3 Alignment NA Base Attack +3 Wisdom +0 Speed 30 ft. Melee Attack +8 Charisma +2 Initiative… Read More